It's important to me to bring intentionality to everything I do, and branding exemplifies that most simply. Here is glimpse into the brands that I've designed.


Multi-faceted and symmetrical on multiple lines all meeting at the center point, the Mindsense mark symbolizes the different perspectives we take to the core of problems to derive the most simple, creative solution.

The spray-painted version was introduced when we began growing our team, meant to symbolize how our team is made up of different people with different strengths, and that without any one, Mindsense appears incomplete, as the mark appears incomplete without any one color’s paint.

branding-logos-mindsense copybranding-logos-mindsense copy

Like a maritime pilot, who maneuvers ships through congested waters, Mail Pilot helps us navigate our congested inboxes. When a maritime pilot is on board, a signal "H" flag is raised, which is half-red, half-white.

ThrottleHeader copyThrottleHeader copy

See my article on how I named Throttle. The gist of it: to not focus on the technology under the hood, but rather to focus on the user and what benefits they gain by having the product in their lives.

FTR-Office-Medium copyFTR-Office-Medium copy