Over 50,000 people have purchased our software.

We've bootstrapped a million-dollar business with products that have topped the App Store charts in 90 countries, are used by over 50,000 customers, and been featured as "Ingenious" in the New York Times, all without ever paying for advertising. How? It's all thanks to our process for innovation through which we design world-class products that sell themselves.

In this book, I will teach you our process of innovation, Empathetic Innovation. This will be your blueprint for world-class product ideation and business design. You'll learn how to find and identify problems worth solving, how to come up with world-class solutions, how to iterate and test concepts with people, and how to craft marketing that will click with potential customers within seconds.

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I'll send out early drafts as I write the book for feedback, offer discounts on our products, and more. It's the innovator's weekly digest, and I'd love to have you on it. But be warned: when I ask questions, I expect a response! Email is a two-way street, so be prepared to start having some new, intriguing conversations.

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