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A New Video Web Series, By Founders, For Founders

Countless hours of podcast episodes remain queued up with a blue bubble on my phone. Why? I badly want to listen to these interviews with founders I admire and want to learn from. But I’m also a founder, and like many founders and founders-in-the-making, there simply isn’t time to listen to hours worth of podacst episodes every week for 4 or 5 good nuggets.

Even worse, they only give one person’s experience, presented as the sole truth within that episode. You leave the episode thinking what worked for the interviewee is the one, definitive way to do things.

I wanted a video web series where each episode focused in on one topic, and presented a range of perspectives from experienced founders. I wanted each episode to be short, because I’m busy building my own company; I don’t have hours every week to listen to podcasts.

I wanted a different kind of show. One by and for the busy founder. That’s why I’m producing Founder Thunder Round, a new video web series.

Each episode is short and insight-packed, featuring 10 killer founders all answering one single question.

Today, we're premiering the first three episodes.

In the first episode, our ten founders answer the question, “How did you know you were on to something big?” If you want to binge, in the second episode, they discuss how long it took them to start making “real money”. And in the third - my favorite - I ask them, “What does success mean to you, personally?” (this one caught a few off guard).

Here’s a promo:

Here’s another:

That’s Laura Roeder. Her interview was a ton of fun too. I loved what she had to say about following your passion instead of settling for cash. Her entire — hugely successful — business wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t learned that lesson.


Even more interested?

Enjoy the first three episodes, out now, and a new one every Tuesday. In between episodes, we’ll be sharing a bunch of these quote videos to boost your day!

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